Bulgaria is home to 230 thousand cows and around 6.9 million humans, which means roughly every 30 people get a cow. The cow that’s been living at The Sixth Hammer studios has been demanding a game since the co-creators first discovered what a cow actually is. Well, we are very pleased to announce that Moo Lander is out and available for Xbox One, now!

Moo Lander is all about the milk! Embark on an epic quest to save your dying civilization – tame Mighty Cow bosses, uncover ancient secrets and fight hordes of enemies with a powerful milk arsenal. Enjoy a four-player local multiplayer with four different gameplay modes.

The Secret Cow Level Now Has Its Own Secret Human Level

In the mooltiverse of Moo Lander, milk reigns as the supreme energy source, possessing a power second only to the stellar explosions of a super nova. Trouble is, it’s rapidly becoming scarce. The steaks – er, stakes – for your civilization are high, but rumors of an ancient device capable of producing infinite quantities of milk have reached your ears. After hoofing it to the only functioning spacecraft your civilization has left, you set out to a gorgeous, handcrafted world full of deadly life-forms and ancient bovine foes.

When Cows Fight Back against Alien Invasion

As you progress through the game, over 15 different types of Mighty Cows will stand in your way. From the darkest dungeon to the highest peak, these powerful bosses are everywhere and will threaten your important mission. We have developed an advanced Cow AI and you will need to master your skills in order to match the cows’ superior intellect! Every single bovine boss is cinematically crafted and has its unique attacks, abilities and strategies. A cosmic challenge awaits every gamer who chooses to be the Hero of The Landers!

We Will Never Look at a Milkshake the Same Way

Each Mighty Cow has a unique Cow AI that governs their behavior and demands a carefully considered approach. Milk sabers, dairy beams, and more are at your disposal, but you dare not harm the Ancient Mighty Cows. These reverential beasts must be overcome with non-lethal methods and careful use of the environment.

Almost all of The Landers’ tech is powered by milk! You have to choose your weapons and play style – will you utilize The Milk Saber and The Milk Shield like a melee-oriented milky knight, or will you snipe from afar with The Milk machinegun? Or you can be a milk ninja and use The Mooriken.

Moo-re Milky Features

Moo Lander ’s gameplay elements include classic action RPG features, mixed with clever puzzle solving and metrodivania-style activities! Hier sind einige davon:

  • Tame Mighty Cow Bosses in glorious cinematically crafted battles
  • Fight and outsmart highly intelligent enemies
  • Develop your character and unlock powerful milk arsenal
  • Research your foes and unlock powerful passive bonuses

  • Team with your friends in our diverse and rich couch multiplayer
  • Experience an epic milk saga with memorable characters and emotional twists
  • Explore a fully handcrafted world teaming with life
  • Immerse yourself in our epic orchestral music
  • Solve ancient puzzles and uncover long forgotten secrets
  • Over 12+ hours long campaign

The Mooltiplayer

Yes, you are reading it right – Moo Lander has an awesome local mooltiplayer, and it gives you the option to play as The Cows! Wie cool ist das? The game presents several special arena maps and four multiplayer modes – PvP, PvE, Galactic Mooball and Survive the Waves. Gather some friends to go up against the AI cows, or gear up and do a two Landers vs two Cows, all controlled by the players. Or if you are a soccer fan, you can team up with a buddy to go up against two other players in our Galactic Mooball mode (you can even play as a Mighty Cow). Moo Lander couch co-op mooltiplayer offers tons of fun with family and friends, all together in front of the TV.

Cowpocalypse Now

Moo Lander ’s story explores the adventures of the last Hero of the Landers and his trusty AI – Hamilton! Experience shocking revelations and discover the secrets of the Mighty Cows, explore the beautiful environments of the game – all handcrafted with passion and devotion, and listen to amazing music along the way. With branching dialog choices and optional action paths, you are in control of the fate of an entire civilization! You can be a part of this adventure right now on Xbox One/Series!

Moo Lander

Moo Lander - Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p60FPS]
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Moo Lander dreht sich alles um die Milch! Befragen Sie eine epische Suche nach Ihrer sterbenden Zivilisation-zahme mächtige Kuhbosse, entdecken alte Geheimnisse und kämpfen Horden von Feinden mit einem mächtigen Milcharsenal. Genießen Sie einen 4-Spieler-Multiplayer mit 4 verschiedenen Spielmodi.-Geschichte-Milch-Die reinste Energiequelle, die von den hellsten Hypernovas konkurriert, ist nach dem Krieg verloren gegangen! Ihre Mission ist es, das alte Gerät wiederherzustellen, das unendliche Mengen davon erzeugen kann. Können Sie rechtzeitig zum Gerät gelangen? Das Schicksal der Lander liegt in Ihren Händen!-Zähmen die mächtigen Kühe-Diese mächtigen Chefs werden Ihre Mission bedrohen. Sie müssen Ihre Fähigkeiten gegen die fortschrittliche Kuh-KI meistern, um ihrem überlegenen Intellekt zu entsprechen!-Bekämpfe herausfordernde Feinde-sehr unterschiedliche Arten von Feinden warten auf dich! Ihre Mission-um Sie daran zu hindern, Ihre zu erreichen. Jeder von ihnen benötigt einen einzigartigen Ansatz, um besiegt zu werden.-Upgrade Ihres Schiffes-Stufen Sie Ihr Schiff auf und schalten Sie ein Arsenal an Milchwaffen und Verteidigung frei, um Ihren spezifischen Spielstil zu formen. Forschungsmodule für Tarnmodule, um im Kampf einen taktischen Vorteil zu erzielen.-Einbeziehung einer Single-Player-Kampagne-Spielen Sie die emotionale, mehr als 12 Stunden langen Kampagne voller unvergesslicher Charaktere und Handlungswendungen.-Einzigartige Umgebung-Entdecken Sie schöne, aber tödliche handgefertigte Landschaften. Vom höchsten Gipfel bis zum tiefsten Dungeon-jeder bietet seine eigenen einzigartigen Herausforderungen, Feinde und Rätsel.-Seien Sie die Kuh-Übernehmen Sie die Kontrolle über die mächtigen Kühe und gehen Sie gegen die Helden der Geschichte. Versuchen Sie, Ihre Milch vor den Lander zu schützen!-Couch Co-op-Erleben Sie das Spiel mit bis zu 4 Ihrer Freunde in verschiedenen süchtig machenden Couch-Koop-und Multiplayer-Modi!.