Nintendo just added a new Dread Mode and Rookie Mode to Metroid Dread last month alongside news that a Boss Rush mode would be added to the game in an April update. That update is now live in Metroid Dread and it brings not just one boss rush mode, but three to the game.

Marking the second free update for Metroid Dread, this new April update adds Boss rush, Survival Rush, and Dread Rush. Plus, it adds a Practice Mode that lets you practice battles against the many bosses found throughout Samus’ latest journey.

Here’s a breakdown of each mode:

Boss Rush

Boss Rush is unlocked after actually completing Metroid Dread and it will task you with taking on each boss, one by 1. At the end of each battle, Samus’ missiles will be restored but any damage you’ve taken will be carried over to the next boss fight. However, each battle adds to the players’ max missile count, Energy Tank, and Power Bombs, depending on where the boss fight takes place in the main game.

Survival Rush

In order to unlock Survival Rush, you must complete Boss Rush. In Survival Rush, you’re tasked with defeating as many bosses as possible before a timer runs out. Each boss you defeat adds more time to your timer clock and if you’re able to defeat a boss without taking damage, you’ll get additional time, too. In this mode, missiles and health do not recover between bosses, however.

Dread Rush

In order to unlock Dread Rush, you must complete Dread Mode, which was added to the game in a February update. Dread Mode is for the most hardcore of players as it makes it so that taking a single hit results in instant death. In Dread Rush, you’ll take on a gauntlet of 12 bosses without stopping – one right after the other. Like in Dread Mode, if you take a single hit in Dread Rush, you’ll instantly die. Missiles, however, are fully recovered after each boss battle.


Here’s what Nintendo has to say about this new mode: “If you’re looking to get a little training in, you can practice boss battles in this mode. Try to defeat each boss as fast as you can. Then, you can go back and check your previous times to see how you’ve improved.”

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Be sure to update Metroid Dread before heading back to planet ZDR if you’re wanting to check out these four new modes. While waiting for it to download, read Metroid Dread review and then check out ranking of every Metroid game. Read about the free Metroid Dread update that went live in February after that.