Fans of collectibles can rejoice with the wonderful Figures featured on Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

One of the reasons why Kirby games are so enjoyable is because of their adorable collectibles.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land includes several Figures similar to the trophies in Smash Bros.

Reading the description of each of these collectibles is a guaranteed fun time for those who consider themselves fans of the franchise.

There are plenty of these Figures for you to collect on Natural Plains, the first area in Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

Where to Find All Figures in Natural Plains

There are ten Figures you can add to your Kirby and the Forgotten Land collection in Natural Plains.

These figures are randomized! Due to this, even if you collect them all, you might end up with repeated ones and an incomplete collection.

Of course, this encourages players to go through stages several times. Here is how you can obtain all of these figures!

All Figures in Downtown Grassland

  • First Figure
    • After acquiring Vending Mouth, follow the path to the right until you reach the broken building’s shutter, this is also part of one of the Missions of this area
    • Use Soda Shot (Y) to destroy the shutter
    • Climb the yellow ladder and collect the Figure
  • Second Figure
    • Follow the main road after taking the warp star, there is a leaking pipe behind a tree, use the Spike Downward (Y) Cone Mouth ability on it to break it and ride the spewing water up
    • Follow the path coin path and once you reach the edge of the ramp, use Spike Downward once again to break all the piled boxes
    • One of these boxes contains the second Figure
  • Third Figure
    • Right before reaching the end of the stage, near the tortoise building enemy, you should find another leaking pipe
    • Use the same method you used to break the first pipe
    • Ride the current to reach the upper platform and collect the third Figure

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All Figures in Through the Tunnel

  • First Figure
    • In the dark room with moving platforms, climb the wall with the AC units on the side
    • Activate the star switch to open the gate below
    • Get the Figure now that the gate is open
  • Second Figure
    • You can find this one in the room where you found the stairs you can use to get the Stairs Mouth
    • Spit the stairs next to a platform with two coins and a bomb switch
    • Detonate the bomb switch and get the Figure

All Figures in Rocky Rollin’ Road

  • First Figure
    • You can find the first Figure in this area on the side road while going uphill
    • Climb the yellow ladder and open the dome here with the Mouthful (Y) ability
  • Second Figure
    • After getting Car Mouth, drive all the way to the end of the stage, DO NOT free the Waddle Dees just yet
    • Drive to the right corner of the area where the Waddle Dees are located and break some boxes there
    • The Figure is behind these boxes

All Figures in A Trip to Alivel Mall

  • First Figure
    • Follow the main road of this stage until you reach a ramp that is lodged between two escalators and guarded by a Kabu
    • Defeat the Kabu and break the surface that connects the ramp to the wall, you will find a Figure inside
  • Second Figure
    • There is a series of conveyor belts after the area where you face the Wild Frosty mini-boss
    • Destroy all the boxes moving in the conveyor belt right after Sir Kibble (the enemy that gives you the Cutter ability)
    • One of these boxes contains the Figure
  • Third Figure
    • Nach dem Gebiet mit einem quadratischen Förderband erreichen Sie einen Bereich mit Lebensmittelgerichtsgericht, der nach rechts geht, bis Sie einen Raum mit zwei Lagerhaltern erreichen
    • Use the Mouthful ability to remove the locker on the right, this will reveal a door
    • Enter the room and break a cardboard box on the corner, this is where the third Figure is located

At last, you have acquired all the Figures in Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s Natural Plains!